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What’s advantages for 3 different types band heaters?

As an industrial band heaters manufacturer, Shenglong’s band heaters has 3 different types:ceramic band heaters,mica band heater, aluminum band heaters.

In order to let the customer to know more about these industrial band heaters, the following brief introduction of the advantages of the three types of band heaters.

1.Ceramic band heater with stainless steel plate

Whats ceramic band heater?

The ceramic band heaters is not made by ordinary black Mica wire-bending method, but by ceramic wire-threading method, so the output power of these ceramic band heater is 0.6 ~ 1.6 times higher than the general. The ceramic band heater is made of imported round Silk Pottery, which is bent into elastic yellow shape and penetrates into ceramic ring. The Shell is made of stainless steel plate made in Japan. High temperature insulation cotton (aluminum silicate fiber plate) is used in the middle to avoid temperature leakage. Ceramic bar is a high-frequency porcelain with fast heat conduction, hard hard and not easy to break, high temperature deformation is not easy to embrittlement and so on.

Ceramic band heater brief characteristics: its key application extrusion molding, casting and down-stroke mechanical equipment working temperature can exceed 350 degrees, larger surface load 6.3 w / cm. It features long life, heat resistance, 40% reduction in calorie consumption and high dielectric strength. It is the most available electric heater commodity for extruders, plastics machines and film blowers.

Whats advantage of ceramice heater?

 Ceramic band heaters with flexible installation, fast heat transfer, excellent insulation layer. Manufacture is not subject to model specifications and specifications of the size of the limited advantages. High operating temperature, fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency, environment-friendly, heating symmetrical precision. The main advantages are:

1) . With winding, such as heating vessels or pipes, can be bent into an arc or ring-shaped cladding in the surface heating, such as heating large and medium-sized steel parts, some can be wrapped, large-scale steel parts can choose to use the paving cover. In addition to this can be suitable for a variety of geometric shapes of steel heating.

2) high operating temperature, fast warming up, high heat efficiency, friendly environment, even and accurate heating, can set up automatic control system.

3) high impact toughness, good thermal dielectric strength, large surface area and long service life.

4) easy to install and repair, low application cost, even if the internal hot raw material is destroyed, but the external ceramic components can still be recycled.

2.Stainless steel mica band heaters

Whats mica band heater?

The mica band heaters is made of high-quality ni-cr alloy heating wire as heating device, natural mica as cable sheath, and high-quality stainless steel plate as transmission layer the mica band heater can be made by hardware according to the customer satisfaction, plate, and all kinds of different types of goods.

The mica band heater surface is all right in 2.3-3 watts per cubic centimeter, the customer should according to the needs of the output power category, the use of automatic temperature control system software, to maintain all the normal output power, service life of electric heating coil.

What’s advantage of mica band heaters?

The mica band heater characteristics advantages: this product because of the selection of stainless steel plate and black MICA as raw materials, in making without specification model size limit can be used as nozzle for small size heating, it can also be used for heating on the barrel of a plastic machine. With reasonable configuration, beautiful appearance, stable characteristics, heating symmetry, heat pipe cooling fast, long life, dielectric strength can be excellent, high pressure resistance and other characteristics.

The mica band heater application: generally used in plastic machine, extruder and other plastic forming machinery equipment.

3.Aluminum cast band heaters

Whats aluminum case band heaters?

Aluminum casting band heaters can be divided into aluminum die casting forging and casting forging, in the specification type, the specification more places, usually chooses the casting processing craft. The high-purity Aluminum Block is used in casting production, which is transformed from solid hard disk into liquid by high-temperature melting furnace, and then introduced into the grinding tool which has already installed the heating pipe.

All normal thickness of the aluminum casting band heaters 30 mm and 20 mm, at least 20 mm wall thickness of the heating ring cavity selection concave and convex slot design, the purpose is to avoid the internal heating pipe temperature is too high in application, for example, when the temperature is high, wind water cooling or cooling water can be used in the chamber, which makes it faster than the application standard temperature. Most of the electric heating ring is used to split the ring in half, made into two semi-circular, then according to the fixed fixed anchor bolts to its fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed installation.

The key point of temperature and temperature measurement is the place where the temperature data signal must be collected. Usually, holes are punched in the ARC surface of the aluminum casting electric heating ring according to its design specification to install the thermal resistance.

The casting plate type band heater is a piece of heating plate which is made of silicon-aluminum alloy or silicon alloy copper after Bending 1 ~ 5 rings in the Industrial Electric Furnace. Compared with the tubular element heating plate, the reasonable heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom pot is larger. This kind of structure impact toughness, long life, heat efficient high heating plate called electric stove plate, cooking plate, sealing heating plate, wet plate, etc. . This is the plug-in after the tendon hot without induction electric and oil stove, shape round or square, can trust the electric heater tablet computer.

The thin shell heating ring is a kind of filling parent material with heat transfer and insulation layer between the spiral heating wire and the plastic shell. This kind of metal material has simple structure and low price, but the gluten is easy to deform and the heat efficiency is reduced after long-term application, so it is usually made into 700W small output power heating plate.

The casting plate type heating ring / plate structure is the same as the thin shell type heating plate, only the gluten is a metal casting, so the compressive strength is big, the gluten is not easy to deform, at present the majority of China chooses this kind of structure. The tubular element element heating plate is a heating plate produced by bending the metal tube industrial electric furnace into a plane drawing spiral involute gear. The Metal Tube Industrial Electric Furnace has a semicircular cross section and flat gluten Such a cross-section allows a large heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the cooking Pan, which is used to increase the heat efficiency.

What’s advantage of aluminum cast band heaters?

(1) long life. It is stipulated that it can be operated safely for about 10 years under all normal application and proper storage conditions, and the total plug-in application time (service life test: power off for 1H, plug-in for 2H) should be about (3000h) .

(2) high heat efficiency, low power consumption and low cost. Internationally, there is a gradual tendency to increase the rated power of the heating plate to reduce the quality of the heat reservoir, and thus to exceed the destination of increasing the output power without increasing the power consumption. High output power, small thermal storage body, then the thermal inertia force is small, so electric heating rod, cooking or heating faster, thermal efficiency is also high, the use of electromagnetic energy loss is reduced. For the manufacturer, the reduction of heat storage means the reduction of cost.

(3) temperature adjustable. Heating Board Gluten temperature should also be incorporated into a variety of different application temperature provisions. For example, boiling, boiling, cooking temperature is set at 150 °C while frying is set at 160-190 °C. Too Low to FRY food oil to the burnt light yellow provisions, too high is easy to carbonize cooking oil, therefore, gluten temperature is best in the range of 130 ~ 300 °C adjustment.

(4) conducive to cleaning, better anti-corrosion characteristics.

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