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K Type Fiberglass Thermocouple Wire With Insulation Metal Shielded

Calibration: Type KX, JX, EX, TX, NX, RX and SX
. Conductor: Solid or stranded
. No. of pair: Duplex pairs
. Insulation: Braided fiberglass with silicon varnish coated
. Construction: Twisted conductors
. Outer shield: Stainless steel or tinned copper braided
. Tolerance: Standard limits of error and special limits of error
. Max. operating temperature: 480°C
. Color code: ANSI, IEC, JIS, DIN, BS, NFC


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Shenglong Electric Heating Technology can supply all kind of thermocouple wire, such as K Type Teflon Thermocouple Wire,Fiberglass K Thermocouple Wire With Metal Shield,K/J/E/T/N/R/S/PT100 Type FEP, PFA, PTFE, PVC, Silicone rubber, Fiberglass Insulated Thermocouple Wire,Thermocouple Extension Wire Type JX-FG/FG/SSB etc.

. Continuous use up to 480°C
. Short term use up to 537°C
. Flexible with good moisture, chemical and abrasion resistance
. Provides accurate temperature measure with high temperature stablility
. Calibration test report is available

Item Specification
Calibration Type JX Type KX Type TX Type EX Type NX Type RX/SX Type BX
+ Iron
– Constantan
+ Chromel
– Alumel
+ Copper
– Constantan
+ Chromel
– Constantan
+ Nirosil
– Nisil
+ Copper
– Alloy 11
+ Copper-S
– Copper-E
Wire size 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32AWG
Conductor Solid or Stranded
Construction Twisted conductors
Number of pair Duplex pairs
Insulation Braided fiberglass with silicon varnish
Jacket Braided fiberglass with silicon varnish
Outer shield Stainless steel or tinned copper braided
Tolerance Standard limits of error or special limits of error
Max. Operating temperature 480°C
Color code ANSI, IEC, JIS, DIN, BS, NFC
Packing Roll or spool (As required)


Model explanation

high quality thermocouple wire

1  Calibration: KX, JX, TX, EX, NX, SX, RX
2  Insulation: Fiberglass
3  Jacket: Fiberglass
4  Outer shield: SSB
5  “D” means “Duplex”
6  Wire size: 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32AWG
7  “S” means “Stranded”; “Blank” means “Solid”

Order code:

Type Wire
Diameter (mm) Conductor Calibration
Type J Type K Type T Type E
Thermocouple extension wire 20 1/0.80 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20
20 7/28 7/0.30 Stranded JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20S KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20S TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20S EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-20S
24 1/0.50 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24
24 7/32 7/0.20 Stranded JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24S KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24S TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24S EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-24S
26 1/0.40 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26
26 7/34 7/0.16 Stranded JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26S KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26S TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26S EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-26S
28 1/0.32 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28
28 7/36 7/0.13 Stranded JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28S KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28S TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28S EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-28S
30 1/0.25 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-30 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-30 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-30 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-30
32 1/0.20 Solid JX-FB-FB-SSB-D-32 KX-FB-FB-SSB-D-32 TX-FB-FB-SSB-D-32 EX-FB-FB-SSB-D-32

Note: The products referenced above represent the most popular constructions. Other constructions can be manufactured to meet individual specification and application requirements.


Outer shield 
All above thermocouple extension wire also can be finished with a metal outer shield to give added protection from abrasion and mechanical damage. If you need the wire with a outer shield, please add “SSB or TCB” to the order code, such as “JX-FB-FB-SSB-20S”, it means Type JX, 20AWG, Stranded, Insulation: Fiberglass, Jacket: Fiberglass, Outer shield: Stainless steel 

Color Code & Initial Calibration Tolerance for Thermocouple Extension Wire:

Thermocouple extension type ANSI Color Code Initial Calibration Tolerances
Wire Alloys Calibration Conductor (+/-) Jacket Temperature Range Standard
Iron (+) vs.  Constantan(-) JX White/Red Black 0°C to +200°C ± 2.2°C ± 1.1°C
Chromel (+) vs.  Alumel (-) KX Yellow/Red Yellow 0°C to +200°C ± 2.2°C ± 1.1°C
Copper(+) vs. Constantan(-) TX Blue/Red Blue -60°C to +100°C ± 1.1°C ± 0.5°C
Chromel(+) vs. Constantan(-) EX Purple/Red Purple 0°C to +200°C ± 1.7°C ± 1.1°C
Nirosil (+) vs. Nisil (-) NX Orange/Red Orange 0°C to +200°C ± 2.2°C ± 1.1°C
Copper (+) vs. Alloy 11 (-) RX/SX Black/Red Green 0°C to +200°C ± 5°C
Copper S (+) vs. -Copper E (-) BX Gray/Red Gray 0°C to +200°C ± 3.7°C

Nominal Insulation Thickness:

Wire Size (AWG) Conductor Insulation Thickness (mm) Jacket Insulation Thickness (mm)
20 0.15 0.15
20 7/28 0.15 0.15
24 0.15 0.15
24 7/32 0.15 0.15
26 0.11 0.15
28 0.11 0.15
30 0.11 0.15


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