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How wire leads could you get suitable cartridge heaters?

In the actual industrial applications, there are many customers in their custom cartridge heater, do not know how to choose the wire leads of cartridge heaters?
In fact, cartridge heater needs to choose different wire leads according to the different use of the environment, the following are some guides for selecting wire leads of cartridge heater for customers as the manufacturer of heating elements.
1, conventional high temperature wire: is our most common lead, it can withstand the temperature: 100℃-400℃.

2, Mica high-temperature wire: used for air dry burning on the cartridge heaters, the lead will also be exposed to high temperature, it can withstand the temperature is 500℃-600℃.

3, Pure nickel wire: it is also very resistant to high temperature lead, the temperature is used at 700℃.

4,Ceramic bead lead: used when the temperature is higher, it can withstand temperatures of 700-800℃;

5,Metal hose lead : commonly used when the lead will produce friction;

6, PTFE heater wire: generally used when heating corrosive liquids, with a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

At the same time when you want to customize cartridge heaters, please inform us of the use environment of the lead wire of the cartridge heater in detail to facilitate the selection of a more suitable lead.

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