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3D printer cartridge heater

3D printer cartridge heater

Tube diameter:φ1.8mm-φ35mm
Tube material:SS321, SS316L, INCOLY840, Titanium
Insulation material:high-purity Mgo imported from USA
Resistance wire :Ni80Cr20
Density: Max 30W/CM²
Operating temperature:Max 750ºC
Wattage tolerance:+5%,-10%
Electrical property:leak current is less than 0.5mA
Input voltage and wattage:customized as request.


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3D printer cartridge heater

Shenglong Electric Heating Technology Co.,Ltd is a cartridge heater manufacturer. our cartridge heaters are manufactured from the highest quality materials undergoing the strictest safety and quality controls in accordance with the international standards.


3D printer cartridge heater made by high quality materials:

Tube Material: Seamless SS304, SS321, SS316L, SS310S, Incoloy 400/600/800/840 etc;

MGO Rod: Imported from Japan Tateho, USA OTC;

MGO Powder: Imported from UK UCM, Japan Tateho;

Resistance Heating Wire: Sweden Kanthal, Germany BGH, NiCr8020;

High Temperature Wire: Fiberglass wire, Pure Nickel Core wire, Telfon wire, Silicone wire;

Terminal Pin: Nickel-manganese alloy, pure nickel wire.


3D printer cartridge heater specification

Tube diameter Φ1.8mm-φ30mm
Tolerance -0.01mm-0.06mm
Tube material SS321, SS316L, INCOLY840, Titanium
Insulation material high-purity Mgo imported from USA
Resistance wire Ni80Cr20
Density Max 30W/CM²
Operating temperature Max 750ºC
Wattage tolerance +5%,-10%
Cold areas  Depends on length and diameter 5-25mm
Input voltage and wattage customized as request.


3D printer cartridge heater Features

Long life use
Equalized heat distribution
diameter and length control precision
high temperature resistance
bending wire characteristics
Flexible wire (bending resistance )


3D printer cartridge heater Technical tolerances
Electric pipe diameter: +0 -0.05mm
Electric tube length: ± 0.3mm
Cold resistance: ± 5%


Cartridge heaters are designed to provide localised heat in contact applications. The elements are encased in a stainless steel sheath surrounded by compacted magnesium oxide powder. This allows for high watt densities where good heat transfer is achieved.


Shenglong Cartridge Heaters Applications   

Injection moulding – Internal heating of nozzles

Printing Heads – 3D Printers

Sealing Machines

Laminating machines

Hot runner systems – Heating of manifolds

Packaging industry – Heating of cutting bars

Laboratories – Heating of analytical equipment

Medical – Dialysis, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Blood/Fluid Warmer, Temperature Therapy

Telecommunications – Deicing, Enclosure Heater

Transportation – Oil/Block Heater, Aircraft, Coffee Pot Heaters

Food Service – Steamers, Dish Washers

Industrial – Glass Bending Machine, Hole Punches, Hot Stamp

PCB Equipment, Smokeless barbecue furnace etc.



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