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Sheng Long Electric Heating Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of industry heaters and thermocouples for over 20years. our aim has been to offer the best  heater elements and thermocouples to our customers. The highest technological standards are used in their manufacture. We ensure first class quality in our products. Before our products are incorporated into the heating element and thermocouples, they must undergo the strictest quality tests. Therefore, we are able to supply the most suitable and reliable industry heaters and thermocouples.

Our main products:Cartridge heaters,Tubular heaters,band heaters,ceramic heaters,silicone rubber heater,Teflon heters,thermocouple and other industrial heating elements, industry ceramic parts.

Electric heating element factory, mainly engaged in R&D and production of various industrial, commercial and civil electric heating components
Cartridge heater factory,mainly engaged in the R&D, design and production of various types of industrial mold precision, high-power, custom-made electric cartridge heaters.
Band heater factory,have owing the R&D,design and production team of hot runner heater,band heater,hot runner manifold tubular heater.
Thermocouple factory, mainly engaged in research and development, design and production of various types of thermocouple products and their materials and accessories
Ceramic heater factory, mainly engaged in various types of development and production of industrial ceramic heaters, pet ceramic heater.
Industry ceramic parts factory, mainly engaged in various types of development and production of industrial ceramic ring,ceramic nozzles,alumina ceramic parts,zirconia ceramic parts.

“Product quality first, Service first,Efficient operation first”is Shenglongheater’s business philosophy, We keep improving and optimizing in research & development, production, quality, service, etc., to meet customer requirements and create value for customers.
Shenglong Heater is aim to be the best supplier of electric heating industry in China, to grow together with customers all over the world, to provide better support for the development of customers.

If you are looking for a industry heater manufacturer or thermocouples manufacturer, pls feel free to contact us : sales@electricheatingfty.com.

Our Advantage


We offer high quality industry heaters and thermocouples to customers with high quality and competitive price ,and provide a good after-sales services, to save your cost.


We have sufficient production capacity to ensure fast delivery and on-time shipments.


We have professional team to provide one-stop service of heating elements, also accept to customer provide the sample to order or make OEM order .

miniature cartridge heater from Shenglong Heaters hot runner coil heater from SLHeater   deep oil fryer heating element



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